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Marketing Department

What is the job of the marketing department?

  • The marketing department mainly manages sales, reservation management, guest room inventory management, and reservation system management.Revenue management (to maximize profits, perform appropriate sales management based on demand forecasts) is important in doing this.While making future demand forecasts, we will adjust the number of sales rooms and price at the same time according to the daily vacancy situation.In the marketing department, in order to perform also the work of planning and public relations, such as the operation and brochure design created branding design creation and review the reply of the plan planning · SNS for the purpose of attracting customers UP, the content of the work is wide-ranging.
    In addition, as a contact point for reservations, we also respond to inquiries from customers by phone or email.Since it is the first contact with customers, it is an important role that influences the image of the inn.In addition to communication skills, easy-to-understand explanations and judgment that can make optimal proposals are indispensable so that customers can have a sense of security and trust.
  • Yachiyo has grown into a top-level inn in Shikoku in a short period of three years since the grand opening in 2018.We believe that this is the result of our customers' evaluation of our efforts to put the thought of people first.However, if you are satisfied with this evaluation and continue to do the same things as before, you will not be able to see any further.The foundation of the inn has been firmly built in the last three years, and Yachiyo is now in the stage of moving to the next stage.In the future, how to increase the value as a company is our issue, and it is the job of the marketing department to realize it.
    When hiring, I think there is a need for pioneers who can imagine and create new value.

How rewarding is your job?

  • Yachiyo's marketing department is extremely flexible, allows you to set up your own daily schedule, and gives you time to work on the work you want to do with + α in your regular work.I have taken advantage of this time to make various attempts.
    The first thing we worked on was to increase the reservation rate from the official website.We had you introduce access analysis system, and while analyzing data, we revised WEB design and reviewed planAs a result, the conversion rate has improved dramatically, and we have succeeded in increasing the reservation sales from HP to about three times the previous year.Currently, I am self-taught in creative software such as how to handle single-lens reflex cameras, illustrator, and Photoshop.By taking photos and videos that we used to outsource, we would like to not only reduce costs but also create an in-house foundation for the ever-accelerating digital era. increase.
    The marketing department is based on the premise that you will create your own work, not just the work you are given, so I think it is a very attractive place for people who act voluntarily.Yachiyo has an environment where the company can back up by allocating a budget if it can show the possibility of proposal.It's a very rewarding job that allows you to expand your possibilities depending on your ideas.
    Of course, not all attempts will work, but I would like people who are willing to fail and enjoy the challenge to join the company.

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