【Official】Dogo Onsen Yachiyo

Enjoy famous hot springs and gastronomy in Dogo

Hot spring open-air bath in all guest rooms.
Dogo Onsen, which is famous as Bijin-no-yu spring for beautiful women, in a luxurious manner.Please spend a time soaking in the rich hot water while feeling the comfortable breeze.

Meals are served in the room for both evening and breakfast.
Please enjoy the deep taste of seasonal ingredients, which are carefully finished by the chef's reliable technique, and the colors of the four seasons reflected in the bowl with your eyes and tongue.

A space where you can relax like your own home

  • Please enjoy a time that will heal your body and soul.

    As a second house where you can relax away from the busy daily life, we offer hospitality that welcomes your important family.


  • Thank you for visiting the official website

    For those who have noticed the homepage!
    We have prepared an plan limited to the Yachiyo

    【Special Advantages]4,000 yen discount per person from the regular price
    We will deliver the heartfelt hospitality of Yachiyo.
    Please leave your daily life and spend a special time to rest your mind and body.

Passion for cooking

  • "Material x Technology x Mind" The thoughts of the chief chef

    Delicate and beautiful presentation that cannot be expressed in words.A gentle taste that deeply permeates the original umami of the material.Yachiyo's cuisine is finished with the reliable skills of a cook who has been holding kitchen knives for many years.From the desire to taste the ingredients of the time, which are nurtured by the rich nature of Ehime, we will order the ingredients that morning and prepare the ingredients to maximize the power of the ingredients.

    Meals will be prepared in the room, but we will prepare each meal at your own pace so that you can enjoy the freshly prepared meals.
    "While valuing the Japanese tradition, we want to deliver excitement and happiness with new ideas that have never been seen before."
    Enjoy your meal with the spirit of the Chief Chef.

Guest room with a healing open-air bath full of Japanese atmosphere

  • Hot spring open-air bath in all rooms Meals can be relaxed in the room

    Creating a room with passion, valuing relaxation and space above all else.A spacious Japanese-style room with a comfortable tatami mat feel, a modern Western-style low bed, and an elegant dining room.The three guest rooms, which combine the traditional beauty of Japanese style with modern functionality, have a spacious floor plan, and all rooms are equipped with an open-air hot spring bath.

    -Room open-air bath-
    You can enjoy the hot water of Dogo Onsen, which is famous as Bijin-no-yuPlease spend a blissful time soaking in the rich hot water while feeling the pleasant breeze.Enjoy bathing to your heart 's content in a private space where no one is disturbed.

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Dogo Onsen, Yachiyo


6-34 Dogotako Town, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

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