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Employee interview

What is the work of the cooking club?

  • Cooking is one of the things that customers look forward to at the inn.It is the role of the cooking department to deliver excitement to customers by discovering and expressing many possibilities for "food."Yachiyo's cuisine is not only the ingredients, but also the individual dishes and arrangements, and you can enjoy it with your eyes. Thankfully, it has been highly evaluated by word of mouth.Even young people like us can gain a lot of experience at an early stage because they can model the high skills of the chief chef.Also, at Yachiyo, the menu varies from day to day, so you can learn how to handle and cook various ingredients.

How rewarding is your job?

  • In my case, I like the fact that you can change the facial expression as much as you like by changing the arrangement interval, color, angle, etc.! It's a long way to become a cook for one person, but thanks to the chief chef's challenge, I've been able to get the hang of it compared to when I joined the company.Recently, I am also trying to serve sea bream sashimi.It's very difficult to make a dish that has the delicate beauty of a chief chef, but that's why it's so rewarding.
    I want to raise my arms even more and make people smile and cook dishes that will be a memory of someone.
    For those who are motivated to learn high cooking skills, Yachiyo is a very good environment!

One day in the cooking department