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Customer service department

Employee interview

What is a room service job?

  • Guest room service is in charge of picking up, guiding, seeing off, serving, and serving customers.This is a very important position because we have the closest contact with our customers.Yachiyo's dishes will be prepared one by one in the room so that you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes.We will determine the progress of your cooking and provide it at the optimal timing while cooperating with the cooking staff.We value communication with our customers and create a space where you can feel comfortable.It is up to us, the room service staff, to make the best use of the good food in the room.In addition, while explaining the dishes, it is also important for us to tell the story of the producer's wishes put into the ingredients, the skill of the cook, and the story of how the person's thoughts are spun into a dish. It is a role.

    From time to time, we can also help with surprises and celebrations.The more we want our customers to be happy, the more likely they are to come forward, but it is important to think about what kind of feelings our customers will have when staying and to provide hospitality that is close to that feeling. I will.For example, we are like Kuroko.We will support your stay behind the scenes so that the protagonists will shine and have a great day.

How rewarding is your job?

  • After all, when I receive words of gratitude from customers, or when they say "I'll come again" or "I'm glad you were in charge", I'm really happy to be filled with joy.Your smile will be the driving force, and you can continue to strive to improve yourself.We are constantly collecting information on behaviors, etiquette, common sense, tourist information, studying conversation methods that entertain the other party, and whether there is something that could be incorporated into hospitality.Furthermore, Yachiyo have strong aspirations, and it is my encouragement to be able to work hard together.In addition, Yachiyo will firmly support the new challenges of our employees.Regardless of age or experience, even new employees can actually incorporate it as a service if they make good suggestions.One of the attractions of Yachiyo is that you can aim for higher levels in a high-level environment without setting limits.

    I want to make people smile! I want to grow as a person! I would like people who have such feelings to join the company.

One day of the room service department