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Yachiyo to work in Yachiyo

  • Working in Yachiyo
    It is to continue to challenge the question, "What can we do for our customers?"

    2021.The arrival of a new normal era.
    The conventional wisdom is no longer valid.

    That's why now,Desired.
    "The power to think for yourself and pave the way for yourself.』\

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Greetings from the general manager

  • Since our founding in 1952, we have continued to walk 70 years while preserving its tradition and history.The history of inn culture is old, and it is said that it originated in Nara PeriodAs new industries are born and disappear, the inn industry has changed its shape with the times and has been carefully passed down from person to person.Hospitality that conveys warmth with casual feelings.Delicate and beautiful dishes that reflect the colors of the four seasons.A time to spend in a calm space full of Japanese atmosphere.The experience of staying at an inn is the most luxurious thing for modern people who live a busy life.We hope that people who will live in the future 100 years from now will have a place where they can heal their hearts with Japanese hospitality, just like we do.To that end, we, who live in the present, must inherit and develop this culture.
    In modern times, values and lifestyles change rapidly due to the evolution and globalization of technology.Now that digitalization is advancing in every aspect of our lives, the human-made services we have cultivated are unique values and strengths.On the other hand, it is indispensable to listen to the voices of customers, read the changes of the times, incorporate new technologies and ideas, and create services that meet modern needs together with customers.
    We are looking for people who can sympathize with this idea and pursue how to innovate traditions and how to meet their needs.

  • Room service

    # Your smile is rewarding
    # Hospitality professional
    # I like to interact with people
    "Starting from thinking about people"
    Because each and every staff member thinks for themselves, we can welcome customers with heartfelt hospitality that is not a manual.

  • Front desk office

    # Fulfill customer's request
    # Active as a leader
    # I like sightseeing
    "Team leader with multi-skills"
    The front desk requires a wide range of knowledge, flexibility and application capabilities to meet the various needs of our customers.It also plays the role of a leader who controls the entire inn.
  • Marketing Department

    # I find it rewarding to learn and grow
    # I like being creative
    # Planning / Public relations / Sales promotion
    "Enjoy the idea of bringing happiness to people.
    "What to do to increase the value as a company』\
    We are looking for human resources with flexible ideas and action that are not bound by stereotypes.
  • Cooking department

    # Make people happy with cooking
    # Acquire certain skills
    # Inherit the Japanese tradition
    "High technology creates excitement"
    It's a long way to become a cook for one person, and it's difficult, but under the guidance of the chief chef, we will learn cooking techniques from scratch.

entry(New graduate)

Entry is being accepted at Mynavi