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Employment information page

Yachiyo to work in Yachiyo

  • Working in Yachiyo
    It is to continue to challenge the question, "What can we do for our customers?"

    2021.The arrival of a new normal era.
    The conventional wisdom is no longer valid.

    That's why now,Desired.
    "The power to think for yourself and pave the way for yourself.』\

Greetings from the general manager

  • We are celebrating our 69th anniversary.It is required to keep the tradition and history and pass it on to the next generation.With the changing times, we have been flexible, continued to challenge new services, and have grown into what we are today.As IT and AI evolve in the world, our inn business is the only service provided by humans, and that is our strength.This culture is said to have brought about the Nara Period.With the birth of new industries, the inn culture unique to Japan is still continuing.We believe that it is our mission to inherit and develop that culture.We are looking for flexible people who can pursue how to innovate that tradition and how they can meet their needs.

    As one of the companies that grows with your own new value, please take on the challenge at our company.

  • Room service

    # Your smile is rewarding
    # Hospitality professional
    # I like to interact with people
    "Starting from thinking about people"
    Because each and every staff member thinks for themselves, we can welcome customers with heartfelt hospitality that is not a manual.

  • Front desk office

    # Fulfill customer's request
    # Active as a leader
    # I like sightseeing
    "Team leader with multi-skills"
    The front desk requires a wide range of knowledge, flexibility and application capabilities to meet the various needs of our customers.It also plays the role of a leader who controls the entire inn.
  • Cooking department

    # Make people happy with cooking
    # Acquire certain skills
    # Inherit the Japanese tradition
    "High technology creates excitement"
    It's a long way to become a cook for one person, and it's difficult, but under the guidance of the chief chef, we will learn cooking techniques from scratch.

Information for requesting materials

  • You can request materials by email or phone.
    If you would like to request materials by e-mail, please fill in your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and address and send it.