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In-facility map

Guide within facilities

  • Terms and Conditions for Overnight Stay

    ※Please tap the image on the left.
  • About using Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and facilities.
    Please use it on your smartphone · tablet · wireless LAN installed PC etc.
    Regarding connection setting etc, please do it by yourself setting.

    ※It is difficult to connect within the elevator.Please be careful.

    SSID and PASS


    PASS:yachiyo 88
  • 3F, Front desk · Concierge desk

    ■Check in 15: 00 ~

    ■Check out 11:00

    ■Loan item, Smartphone charger/trouser presser/

  • About the public bath

    ■Opening Hour, 15:00 to 24:00(23:30 petition)
           05: 30 to 10: 30(10:00 petition)

    ■Amenities, Toner / Latex / Cotton / Cotton swab / Razor / Dryer

    ■Hot Spring Qualities, Alkaline simple fountain

    ■Efficacy, Neuralgia rheumatism/Hemorrhoid/Recovery stress recovery after illness/Motor dysfunction/Arthralgia/muscle pain/Frozen/Digestive organ/Neuralgia/Bruised/Coldness

    ▼Please bring your bath towel / face towel from your room.
    ▼Valuable items are not installed in the dressing room.
    ▼I will refuse bathing for people with tattoo (body tattoos), body paint, and those who are drunk.
  • About valuables

    We can not assume any responsibility for losing valuables within our facility.
    In addition, we can not keep you at the front desk so please use the built-in safe.