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Front desk office

Employee interview

What is a front desk office job?

  • The front desk is responsible for everything from check-in to check-out.Since this is the department that first comes into contact with customers, it is an important position that will be the face of the inn.The front desk staff is required to have a wide range of knowledge, such as information on tourist information, as well as the ability to apply, judge, and be flexible enough to instantly detect what the customer wants and respond best. I will.For example, if you come by walking in the heat of summer, it is a good idea to prepare a cold towel and let it cool down a little before guiding you to your room.If you are a mother holding a child, you should complete the check-in procedure as quickly as possible and guide you to your room smoothly.Since each customer has a different purpose and scene of travel, I think there are as many ways of hospitality as there are customers.

    Another major role of the front desk office is the control of the entire inn.So to speak, he is the leader of YachiyoWe, the front desk staff, will have a close meeting and confirmation work with each department from one week before welcoming the customer, and will reach the day.Then, we will grasp the flow of the day and take command of the site so that the cooking staff and customer service staff can move easily.It is a job that cannot be done without always communicating with other departments, broadening the horizons, and knowing the entire inn.

How rewarding is your job?

  • Yachiyo has a philosophy of providing hospitality centered on thinking about people, and I also value thinking about the surroundings and working for people.By doing so, I was able to make good changes to myself, to be relied on by my colleagues, and to be able to immediately notice customer problems.
    Yachiyo's hospitality is not something that can be done overnight, nor can it be created by one person.Yachiyo" with friends who are serious about hospitality.I think work is fun because of this feeling.
    It's really for the sake of being able to see off your smile when you check out! This is the most rewarding moment when I feel that the efforts I have made every day lead to customer satisfaction.
    For those who are aiming for the hospitality business, I think there are many other options, but I think Yachiyo, which values connections with people, will expand my potential.

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